How do finances work at RIO REVOLUTION and is there an annual report?

You can learn more about our church and finances by downloading the Annual Report.

Annual Report

How can I get connected?

We are so excited you asked this question! There are two main ways to get connected at RIO REVOLUTION. If you haven’t begun Growth Track, we would encourage you to start there. Growth Track is a series designed to introduce you to RIO REVOLUTION and explore the following topics: knowing God, finding freedom, discovering your purpose, and making a difference.

Growth Track

The second way to get involved is through Revolution Groups. Revolution groups are organized through the themes of connect, grow, and serve.

Revolution Groups

What does non-denominational mean?

RIO REVOLUTION is a non-denominational church. This means that we have chosen not to be affiliated with any particular denomination. Above all else, we desire to be a place where denominational walls are torn down to reveal the true word of God.

What is the worship like?

The atmosphere is high energy and the music is current and contemporary. It’s all about worshiping a God who loves us.

What should I expect?

We believe that you should be fully loved regardless of circumstances, so we live that way too. It is our hope that you experience a loving, inviting environment that promotes the unconditional love of Jesus. We work hard to slow down on Sundays. This means we become intentional about every action and conversation. There are also great environments for children and youth geared to their needs and interest. We welcome you and hope to see you on Sunday.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable and modest clothing, and be ready for a warm welcome. Our members and visitors tend to dress pretty casual.

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