Revolution Preschool

Revolution Preschool

Our mission is for each child to reach their full potential in the classroom. The classroom is a loving and caring environment for children aged 2-5. Our goal is to set children on the right path by using an age appropriate curriculum with a focus on spiritual development. Here at Revolution Preschool we offer classes for ages 2-5years (6 if not attending Kindergarten). Your child will be placed in the appropriate class based on how old they are by August 14th.


We offer two options that operate on different days of the week.

Monday & Wednesday

9am - 2pm

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Tuesday & Thursday

9am - 2pm

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To enroll, please start by contacting us and scheduling a visit. A completed enrollment application and the required fees must be submitted at time of registration. Space is limited.

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Summer Program

Here at Revolution Preschool we are excited to announce our first ever summer program. The first day of the summer program for the Monday/Wednesday class will be Wednesday May 31st and the Tuesday/Thursday class will be Thursday June 1st. The last days for the summer program will be Wednesday July 19th and Thursday July 20th. During the summer, we will have some structured learning but there will also be more physical activities and hands on learning. There will be a $50 registration cost before your child can begin, and then a $150 for the month of June and $84.00 for the month of July. Each fee is due on the 1st of each month. These fees will help to purchase snacks and other things needed throughout the summer. We hope you join us this summer!

There is not a schdule needed for the summer program at this time.

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Annual Registration & Resource Fee = $150.00

Two Day Tuition = $150.00 per month

All students must pay an annual registration/resource fee. This fee helps to purchase curriculum, art and craft supplies, and on-site field trips to enjoy. This fee is non-refundable.

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